Cancer Framework and Strategic Plan

The Tasmanian Cancer Framework and Strategic Plan incorporates the structure and key design elements of Tasmania’s cancer care system. It articulates the vision, strategies and actions that can achieve the best possible outcomes for Tasmanians affected by cancer.

While many things have changed since its development, the Tasmanian Cancer Framework and Strategic Plan (CFSP) has provided a valuable basis for progressing a range of initiatives across the Tasmanian cancer system. This includes the successful Regional Cancer Centre bid that will see more than $48 million provided by the Tasmanian and Australian Governments and a generous anonymous donor. This unprecedented investment will see the construction of comprehensive cancer centres and patient support in Burnie, Launceston and Hobart. The recent Cancer Care Coordinator project has been evaluated as successful with the result being the recognition of these roles in the North and South of the state. In addition, the Minister for Health has recently appointed a Clinical Expert Panel to provide advice about when radiotherapy services can safely and sustainably be provided in the North West.

The Tasmanian Cancer Clinical Network is already progressing many of the recommendations of the CFSP.  The Network is active in developing a range of resources to aid consumers and health professionals to help ensure all Tasmanians affected by cancer have access to the knowledge and services they need for their treatment and care. The Network also provides a means for all stakeholders to have a say in the development of a system that is able to achieve equitable access, high quality and cost effectiveness of patient care for all Tasmanians.

As some time has elapsed since the data for the Tasmanian Cancer Framework and Strategic Plan was obtained, the workforce and cancer service data, as well as the cancer incidence and mortality rates it describes, require updating. This is being undertaken through consultation with each of the Area Health Services. It should be noted that this information will not be used to change the content of the CFSP, but to provide up to date data to inform the next steps.

The Policy, Information and Commissioning Group and the Office of the Chief Health Officer, in consultation with the Tasmanian Cancer Clinical Network, are collaborating on a process that will produce a feasible approach to implementing the Cancer Framework. This will inevitably form a long term and complex agenda that will take some time to fully realise.

For more information, Please visit the Tasmanian Cancer Clinical Network


Cancer Framework and Strategic Plan