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Our Healthcare Future Leadership 2040 Conference

Our Healthcare Future Leadership 2040

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Leadership 2040 is the Department of Health overarching strategy to support and target growth of our leaders within the state service system but more broadly across the entire health sector. The Leadership 2040 Conference and ongoing leadership community of practice reinforce a commitment by the Tasmanian Department of Health to ensuring emerging leaders are listened to and supported as they navigate the complex challenges of delivering health care now and towards 2040.

Emerging leaders in this sector who want to contribute to the conversation on the future direction of the Tasmanian health system are encouraged attend the Leadership 2040 events, sign up and actively participate as part of our Online Community. Both the Conference and Online Community are aimed to support the continued evolution of best practice thinking and action on ensuring Our Healthcare Future is a story of improvement, learning and providing better CARE for all Tasmanians.