Royal Hobart Hospital Masterplan 2020-2050

RHH Masterplan 2020-2050

In 2018 the Tasmanian Government directed the Clinical Planning Taskforce (the Taskforce) to begin planning for the immediate future of the Royal Hobart Hospital (RHH) and for the next stage of the RHH health precinct, including the Repatriation Hospital Site.

The Taskforce was to provide advice to the Secretary in relation to:

  • Reviewing and updating the 2011 Masterplan to guide future stages of the RHH health precinct
  • The optimal future use of J-Block
  • Models of care and clinical planning for the 250 new beds, to be introduced in Southern Tasmania by 2024

On Tuesday 19 March 2019 the Minister for Health released the RHH Site Masterplan Review and Update 2020-2050. The RHH Masterplan 2020-2050 carries forward significant elements of the 2011 Masterplan, including development of a purpose-built mental health services facility and further development of the RHH City Campus site. It also recommends maximising the use of the Repatriation Hospital site by developing it as a second campus of the RHH with a focus on sub-acute care and mental health services.

The RHH Masterplan 2020-2050 recommends continuing a staged approach to development of the RHH City Campus and RHH Repatriation Campus sites with interim works to support effective operation of the sites through each stage of development:

Stage 1: RHH City Campus Development – Completion of K-Block

Stage 2: RHH City Campus Development – interim expansion and refurbishment works

Stage 3: RHH Repatriation Campus Development

Stage 4: RHH City Campus Development – L-Block

Stage 5: RHH City Campus Development – M-Block

Stage 6: RHH City Campus Development – N-Block

The Government has funded Stage 2 and work is progressing on the interim expansion and refurbishment works at the city campus.

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