Launceston General Hospital Precinct Masterplan

Aerial view of the LGH Precinct. Areas highlighted are the new Mental Health Services Precinct, the Charles street Tower, the new Car Park, new Hospital Entry on Howick street, new Older Persons Inpatient Unit, new Hospital Tower, Carpark, Northern Integrated Care Service Education & Research Precinct including Clifford Craig and UTAS, Expanded Coronary Care Unit, Viewpoint Private Hospital Collocation site, Upgraded Emergency Department Entry, Administration and Learning Hub.

Fig. 1 LGH precinct, Masterplan development stages

The Tasmanian Government has committed to the next stages of the Launceston General Hospital (LGH) redevelopment with a $580 million major investment over 10 years to meet future demand.

A Masterplan has been developed to guide the redevelopment of the LGH precinct.

In developing the Masterplan, we have considered current and future demand pressures, service growth projections, asset condition reports and what we have heard from the community, staff, and other service providers. The draft LGH Masterplan is now ready for consultation.

The Draft Masterplan

The draft Masterplan is designed to maximise opportunities to develop land and buildings, to ensure the LGH is equipped to deliver high quality health services now and into the future. The Masterplan addresses projected demand for clinical services and issues identified with current infrastructure in the short, medium, and longer term.

A series of staged developments are proposed, with an ordered sequence of demolition and construction, to limit double decanting of clinical services and to further develop clinical linkages.

The Masterplan stages include:


  • New administrative and learning hub at 39 Frankland Street
  • Install 9 negative pressure rooms in the Acute Medical Unit
  • Deliver a new central processing unit
  • Complete fitout of Levels 3 and 5 of the Charles Street Tower for women's and children's outpatient services
  • Refurbish Ward 3D as a dedicated and purpose-built older persons inpatient unit
  • Redesign the Emergency Department airlock
  • New coronary care unit
  • Redesign and expansion of medical imaging
  • Commence planning for new mental health services precinct


  • Preparation and demolition works for the Anne O'Byrne site
  • Construct new mental health services precinct
  • Install additional negative pressure rooms in the Acute Medical Unit
  • Relocation of Infusion Services from the Day Procedure Unit
  • Improved facilities for Neurology Services
  • Preparation and demolition works for the Northside site


and beyond

  • Construct new tower on the Northside site
  • Expand and improve inpatient units
  • Establish consolidated theatre complex
  • Expand Pharmacy, Pathology and Holman Clinic
  • Consolidate back of house services
  • Create new hospital front entrance

For further information on the Masterplan stages please read the draft LGH Masterplan

Have your say

The Tasmanian Government committed a further $580 million to fund the next stages of the LGH redevelopment over the coming 10 years, to ensure the hospital is well placed to meet future demand.

We are seeking feedback on how best to build the program of works to deliver on the key developments outlined in the Masterplan.

Provide your feedback or register your interest in participating in a focus group

The deadline for responding to the consultation is Friday 16 July 2021.

For further information or if you have any questions, please email us at

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