Health Promotion Coordinators

Tasmanian Health Service - North West Region

We provide support and training for Health Promotion planning and activities with Tasmanian Health Service (THS) staff in the north west of Tasmania,Health Promotion Image as well as non-government organisations, community service organisations, local government, schools, and more.

Our work is guided by the "Working in Health Promoting Ways" Framework you see here

Contact us

Phone: (03) 6478 6175

Phone: (03) 6477 7347

What do we do?

Our roles involve helping with planning, evaluation or implementation of activities to improve the health and the conditions that shape people's health. We help staff access resources and training opportunities, and link relevant people and groups.

E-news for you

Receive our monthly 'e-news' which includes local events, training opportunities, resources, funding opportunities and more! Share your information to be included in the e-news (keep it brief: about 5 lines with links for more information) by the 25th of the month. Contact

Networking opportunities

Come along to the quarterly Health Promotion Networking meetings which are linked by 10 video conference sites across the north west. The remaining meeting for 2016 is 12.00pm – 1.30pm on Thursday, December 1.

We also link to Hobart and Launceston so statewide services may join us. Find out what health-promoting activities are happening around the region, share what you are doing, and hear from an interesting guest speaker. Email to find out more.

Health Literacy workshops

We can deliver a two-hour workshop for your staff on Developing Resources for Consumers. Make your posters, letters, brochures and forms accessible for more people. Learn about the principles of health literacy. Have fun as you do some work towards NSQHS Standard 2.

We also offer workshops on Verbal Communication, where you can practice using techniques to get your message across more clearly to your clients and patients, and check that they have understood.

How else may we be able to help you?

  • Get the Most Out of Life – Stanford chronic conditions self-management program - training and facilitation
  • Health Promotion planning
  • Needs analysis – what are the health issues?
  • Finding and interpreting health data / statistics
  • Finding health promotion resources – information, groups, and funding
  • Networking, forming and evaluating partnerships
  • Equity evaluation tools
  • Evaluation planning – setting goals and objectives
  • Evaluation of your program or service – questionnaire construction and other evaluation methods
  • Health literacy tools to improve the accessibility of your service
  • Effective strategies for health promotion