Transit Lounge

Royal Hobart Hospital

Transit Lounge

The Transit Lounge assists the RHH with the co-ordination of bed management. Patients may be transferred to the Transit Lounge when waiting for discharge medication, education or transport home. Patients wait in a relaxed environment with television, reading material and complimentary tea, coffee and light refreshments provided. Nursing care is available for patients in the Transit Lounge.

Donations, Gifts & Bequests

The RHH appreciates the generosity and support it receives from the community, small businesses, large corporations and the Tasmanian public.

Each year the RHH is well supported by a network of benefactors who raise funds to purchase medical equipment. If you would like to enquire about making a donation, gift or a bequest, please contact the Community Relations Unit on 6166 8846.

Emergency Procedures/ Fire Alarms

In a personal emergency you can call for assistance by pressing the “Nurse Call’ button.

In the unlikely event of a general emergency, remain calm and await instructions from staff. Please do not leave the ward/unit unless you are instructed to do so by staff.

Regular fire alarm and fire door checks take place. Prior to any checks commencing, a general announcement will be made over the hospital public address system.


Telephone calls from people enquiring about a patient’s condition will be put through to the wards between 9:00am to 5:00pm.

Due to reduced staffing outside of normal business hours, family and friends are encouraged to minimise non-urgent telephone calls to the hospital during these times. For patient enquiries contact our main switchboard on (03) 6166 8308.

To assist staff in managing the number of telephone calls it is preferable that one relative be nominated as the information provider for your family, relatives and/or friends.

Further information may be given personally to a patient’s next-of-kin, but details of your illness are confidential and will not be given without consent.

Hearing Aids

Please advise staff if you wear a hearing aid as this information will assist those involved in your care.