Action Plan 5: Improving Statewide Subacute Care

Action Plan 5: Improving the management of Statewide Subacute Care (Geriatric Evaluation and Management and Rehabilitation)

The Statewide Subacute Care Project (GEM and Rehab) aims to improve subacute care in the Tasmanian health system by developing a clear service model and associated implementation plans for GEM and rehabilitation services.

The process undertaken will build on reforms currently underway through One Health and extend beyond the Tasmanian Health Service to include services outside of acute public hospitals.

The Action Plan to support the project aims to deliver the following outcomes:

  • The development of a patient-centred approach which is reflective of the patient journey through all care settings and their contribution to effective self-management;
  • Strengthened networks and linkages between primary and specialist providers, and between the primary and acute sector;
  • Improved integration and coordination between the primary and community health sectors;
  • Improved culture including boundary and role clarification, data exchange and communications;
  • Enhanced focus on both service and system level collaboration and care coordination (public, private, community, tertiary and aged) between providers and settings;
  • Reduction in avoidable hospital presentations, admissions and re-admissions; and
  • Improved patient experience in the areas of GEM and rehabilitation.

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