Refugee/Migrant Services

Royal Hobart Hospital


The RHH is a smoke-free site.

Tobacco use and smoking is prohibited on the RHH site (including entrances and hospital grounds). This ban also applies to the repatriation complex in Davey Street, the Renal Unit at St John’s Park in New Town, and Mental Health.

Patients/visitors to the RHH site will be asked to cease smoking, or may receive an on-the spot fine if they persist.

Any breach of the Public Health Amendment (Smoke Free Areas) Act may result in prosecution in accordance with the Act.

Quitline is a free, confidential, telephone based support service designed to help smokers quit smoking. For the cost of a local call, smokers can request a free information pack or receive advice about quitting from trained advisors. Contact Quitline on 137 848.

Please visit the City of Hobart website for more information about Smoke-free Hobart.

The City of Hobart has appointed a Tobacco Project Officer whose role is to engage and consult with the public and relevant tobacco organisations to create public awareness of smoke-free areas and regulations in Hobart as well as to provide support options for those who wish to give up smoking.

The Tobacco Officer is also a nominated person under the Public Health Act 1997 and as such is authorised to write an infringement notice to anyone who smokes in a smoke-free area. The fine under the Public Health Act 1997 for smoking in a smoke-free area is currently $344.

Television Service

Overhead televisions are available for hire. Please enquire about details upon admission. Patients are discouraged from bringing their own electrical appliances, including televisions and other hand held devices.

However, if you expect to be in hospital for a considerable length of time, you may use your own hand-held device subject to certain RHH requirements being met, including the inspection and tagging of the equipment by an authorised electrician to ensure compliance with electrical safety standards. Further details on the RHH policy can be obtained from ward/unit staff.

Travel Assistance Scheme

The Department of Health Patient Travel Assistance Scheme (PTAS) provides assistance for Tasmanians who have to travel long distances to access medical services either in Tasmania or interstate. The scheme provides a subsidy only, and does not cover all of the costs associated with travel. For more information on the scheme, please contact your local PTAS office.

Southern Office (03) 6166 8225
Northern Office (03) 6777 6249
Northwest Office (03) 6477 7734