Oral Health Promotion

Oral Health Services Tasmania (OHST) provides statewide support and advice for oral health promotions and initiatives to raise awareness of the importance of oral health in overall health and wellbeing. There is a strong focus on promoting health and the prevention and early identification of oral disease.

Oral Health Services Tasmania has developed an oral health promotion strategic plan that is underpinned by the National Oral Health Plan 2015 - 2024

The Oral Health Promotion Strategic Plan will provide a coordinated statewide preventive approach that will work towards empowering all Tasmanians, especially the most vulnerable to be active partners in managing their own oral health and wellbeing.

The Plan will complement and support the care that OHST provides and will, in the first stage, target pregnant women, young children 0-5 years and their families within the community, especially the most vulnerable.

The Plan emphasises partnerships and collaboration and OHST continues to work with a variety of partners in different settings to increase oral health knowledge and practice.

Oral Health Promotion Initiatives

The Lift the Lip program is a population health program that aims to improve the early intervention, prevention and referral of dental decay in young children.

Smoking Cessation: Oral Health Services Tasmania supports a clinic based smoking cessation and recording program for clients who are interested in managing their tobacco dependence.

The Global Child Dental Health Taskforce provides toothbrushes and toothpaste for use within the Tasmanian community for oral health promotion initiatives.

Other Tasmanian Projects

Follow the links below to find out about other initiatives that aim to improve the health and wellbeing of children and families:

Oral Health Promotion Clearinghouse

The Clearinghouse provides information on many oral health promotion topics including current research, programs and publications for health professionals, health promoters, teachers and the general public. This website helps to link people and organisations involved in oral health promotion to resources and expertise across Australia.

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