Derwent Estuary fish limits

Derwent Estuary fish limits

The following advice is based on long-term monitoring of flathead and shellfish, and studies on the mercury levels in a variety of legally sized fish caught in the Derwent estuary.

1. Do not eat bream from the Derwent estuary

2. Limit consumption of flathead and other fish from the Derwent estuary

Fish from the Derwent estuary should not be eaten more than twice a week.

The following people should further limit their consumption to once a week:

  • pregnant and breastfeeding women and women planning to become pregnant
  • children aged six years and younger.

(*Recommended single serve: adult - 150 grams, child - 75 grams.)

If you eat fish from the Derwent, it is best to avoid eating fish from other sources in the same week.

3. Do not eat shellfish from the Derwent estuary

Oysters and mussels from the Derwent estuary contain high levels of heavy metals—particularly zinc, lead and cadmium. These are well above safe levels, especially north of the Tasman Bridge and in Ralphs Bay.

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