Priority Areas

There are many competing interests in healthcare. By setting priorities, health and community services can work together to more effectively achieve health goals.

There are seven priorities for action under the Working in Health Promoting Ways Framework.

These action areas contribute to the central goal of safe and healthy people, families and communities.

The seven action areas were determined through a process of consultation. Criteria from the Victorian Department of Human Services were modified to fit the Tasmanian context. In this background paper these criteria are used as discussion points for each priority area section.

The Victorian criteria are:

  • The impact and scale of the issue

using burden of disease data and other supporting evidence

  • The degree of health inequity

considering distribution of socio-economic status and other factors, such as gender, ethnicity, being indigenous, and rurality

  • The ability to change

evidence that indicates health promotion and prevention action can bring about change in the issue

  • The opportunities and capacity to address the issue

identifying existing state and national strategies and programs that use effective ways to address the issue

  • The support of stakeholders

recognising that effective action to address this issue will be through partnerships, working with people and organisations across many sectors