How to use the Framework

How to use the framework

The Working in Health Promoting Ways Framework emphasises the connection between principles of practice we need to work by, health literacy and the priority areas for us to work on.

No single priority is more important than another; in the diagram the priorities are shown as interlocked circles.Working in Health Promoting Ways Diagram

We need to apply all of the principles in the way we work and focus on each of the priority areas to achieve the central vision of Safe and healthy people, families and communities.

The central vision, priorities, health literacy and principles of practice that make up this framework.

If you would like to use any of the Working in Health Promoting Ways information or graphics in your workplace email us

Supporting tools

The WiHPW Framework has a Background Paper that explains the principles necessary for health promoting practice, a guide to health literacy, and a guide to the areas which we must prioritise for attention to reach the goal of safe and healthy people, families and communities in Tasmania.

The WiHPW website provides access to the full WiHPW Background Paper, case studies, checklists, an evidence library, contact details for support people, training opportunities and events.

The Communication and Health Literacy Workplace Toolkit helps services provide information in ways that meet people's needs. The toolkit covers spoken and written communication, tools and tips.

Health promotion staff in each region provide staff training and support for workforce development. For more information contact your local health promotion staff member or email us

Governance for the implementation of the WiHPW Framework, including workforce and organisational development strategies, is provided by a group of representatives from across the health and community care system. 

Practical working groups are also developed as needed. To learn more email us