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Welcome to the Food Services Department of the Launceston General Hospital. Please look around our web site to discover the many services we offer.

We realise that when you come into hospital, you are in a strange environment. There is much activity going on around you, over which you have little knowledge or control. One can feel very dependent on others and unsure how to fit into the new "situation". The Food Service Department wants to help make your stay in hospital as familiar, and as close to your home routine as possible.

The Food Service Staff strive to deliver a friendly and enjoyable meal service, which brightens your day and contributes nutritionally to your well being.

The Hospital Dietitians periodically review the menu to ensure the meal selection provides adequate nutrition, which is an important aspect of healing. 

Contact Information

Phone: 03 6777 6526
Fax: 03 6777 5196

Mission Statement

  • To provide a food service which lifts the spirits of inpatients and home recipients, and the morale of hospital staff.   
  • To develop a dedicated, profession team of food service providers.
  • Continue to promote the Food Service Department as a resource centre for expertise in food services Australia-wide.
  • Continue to educate hospital staff and the community in aspects of our food technology.
  • To make available efficient and effective meal services to private organisations.
  • To assist in the research, development and implementation of modern trends in Food Service systems.
  • To develop good public relations between the Food Service Department and the general public, government agencies, private hospitals and Food Service Departments of the South and North West Tasmania.
  • To create and maintain an equal employment environment where employees have the opportunity to develop to their maximum potential.
  • To create a safe and harmonious work environment in line with Occupational Health and Safety guidelines.
  • To provide a positive environment for the training of all staff and in particular apprentices and work placement students.
  • To provide the best food service possible with the resources available.
  • To continually improve cost effectiveness in the Food Services overall finances, particularly by revenue raising ventures in appropriate areas of Food Services.