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Jack Jumper Allergy Program

Jack Jumper ants (Myrmecia pilosula) are a uniquely Australian problem.Jack Jumper Ant (Myrmecia pilosula)

Jack Jumper ants are also known as jumping jacks, hopper or skipper ants and are found across most of Southern Australia, but are prevalent in Tasmania, South Australia and Victoria.

In Tasmania, the sting of a Jack Jumper ant is responsible for more cases of severe allergic reactions (anaphylaxis) than bee stings.   Approximately 3 percent of Tasmanians are allergic to Jack Jumper ants and the reaction can be life-threatening in about half of these people.

Jack Jumper ant venom immunotherapy (desensitisation) is currently available in Tasmania (Royal Hobart Hospital), South Australia (Royal Adelaide Hospital) and Victoria (Monash Health, Clayton Campus).  Venom products are manufactured by the Jack Jumper Allergy Program at Royal Hobart Hospital under strict Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) guidelines.

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