Chaplaincy and Pastoral/Spiritual Care Services

Royal Hobart Hospital

Chaplaincy and Pastoral/Spiritual Care Services

Compassionate Spiritual Care

The Chaplaincy Team provide spiritual, emotional and pastoral support to people as they journey through times of illness and associated uncertainty and separation from loved ones and community.

Chaplains and Pastoral Care Workers enable people to draw on 'spiritual' things that might assist them - such as, things that give meaning, purpose and a sense of belonging. For some people, ‘spiritual’ things are found in formal religious belief, practice and community. For others, it i s realised through informal beliefs and practice, often connected to meaning drawn from culture, relationships, nature and life experiences.

Chaplains regularly visit the wards throughout the Royal Hobart Hospital during the week as part of a wider hospital multi-disciplinary team working together for the holistic wellbeing of patients, visitors and staff.

Chaplaincy Staff

Chaplaincy staff represent and access a variety of faith traditions, cultures and language groups and can connect patients to a religious cleric or spiritual leader of their request.

What we offer

  • Care for patients, families and staff of the RHH community
  • Confidential emotional spiritual support during Illness, surgery and hospitalisation
  • A caring and supportive presence
  • A listening ear and support through stressful events and decision making
  • Guidance, Healing (emotional / spiritual), Nurturing, Reconciliation, Sustaining Presence
  • Memorial / Funeral Services
  • Religious activities such as prayer, sharing scared texts, providing sacraments and rites (e.g. Communion, Anointing, Dedications etc.)

The Chapel

Compassionate Space

The RHH Chapel is a quiet multi-faith sacred space for time-out, reflection, prayer, reading, and / or meditation.

The Chapel is open 24 hours.

Located on level 1, C Block of the Royal Hobart Hospital - it is visible and easily accessible from the K Block reception.

A room is available for private Muslim prayers (with prayer mats, washbasin and copies of the Qur'an). Please contact Chaplaincy for access.

Morning prayers are held each weekday; Muslim prayers on Fridays at 12pm, Sunday services and Mass services are also held weekly.

The Chapel may be booked for spiritual activities of any tradition. Please contact the Chaplains' office to make a booking.

Chaplaincy and Pastoral Care Services seek to put into practice the Royal Hobart Hospital's motto To Care with Compassion, by attending to the emotional, spiritual, and religious needs of our patients, their carers, family, friends and staff.

Chaplaincy Services?

Why you might like to speak with a Chaplain...

  • You would like someone with time to listen to your story and your feelings.
  • You would like to talk to someone who is not involved in caring for your medical needs.
  • You have an ethical question.
  • You're going to have surgery or a procedure and would like support for yourself or your loved ones.
  • Someone is facing death or has died and you would like pastoral support around end of life, grief or bereavement.
  • You would like to talk about spiritual matters.
  • You would like someone to pray with you.
  • You would like to receive a sacred ritual/sacrament such as communion, a blessing, baptism, marriage or funeral
  • You would like a community faith person to visit but don't know how to contact them.

Contact Details

If you would like to speak with a Chaplain or Pastoral Care Worker please ask your nurse, or contact the switchboard for our on-call or Duty Chaplain (24 hours/7 days) on (03) 6166 8308

RHH Chaplaincy Services
1st Floor, C Block
Royal Hobart Hospital
48 Liverpool Street
Phone: 03 6166 8487


Pastoral Care Training

Introduction to Pastoral Care and Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE)

The Introduction to Pastoral Care and CPE Course consists of at least 40 hours including group work, theory, reading and response, engaging in the practice of pastoral care and presentation of reports of a pastoral encounter. It introduces “Pastoral Supervision”, to help you discover and build upon your own resources for pastoral ministry with people in situations of crisis and growth. The presentation of a pastoral encounter utilises an ‘Action/Reflection’ model of learning and supervision.

Download application form (PDF)

Clinical Pastoral education

Clinical Pastoral education is a 400 hour unit of Pastoral Care Training held at the RHH each semester. CPE is auspiced by the Tasmanian Association for supervised pastoral education which is a member association of the Australia and New Zealand Association for Clinical Pastoral Education. The standards require a basic numbers of hours (totalling 400) of ministry placement, peer group supervision, individual supervision and reflection, and reading.

The Royal Hobart Hospital course offers a great opportunity to engage in supervised ministry in Tasmania's largest hospital. The skills learnt here are transferable elsewhere.

Contact RHH Chaplaincy Services for information and further details.

Information about the content of the Clinical Pastoral Education Unit can be found at