Let's get seasonal

Let's get seasonal

Here are our top 3 reasons to shop and eat seasonally:

1. Seasonal food is fresh and tasty

Have you noticed the difference between eating a strawberry in winter and eating a strawberry in summer? There is a big difference – in summer they are full of flavour! This is because strawberries naturally ripen in the warmer months. In winter strawberries are ripened in greenhouses, or transported very long distances, meaning they are not as fresh.

2. Seasonal food can be cheaper

Buying local seasonal fruit and vegetables can be much cheaper than buying out-of-season fruit and vegetables. This is because you are not paying for the produce to be transported long distances. If you’re not sure which fruit and vegetables are grown in Tasmania, use the what’s in season in summer guide on the Eat Well Tasmania website.

3. Seasonal food is more nutritious

If you buy fruit and vegetables that are out of season, they have most likely travelled over a long distance. Once fruit and vegetables have been picked they start losing their nutrients. If you buy Tasmanian or Australian grown seasonal fruit and vegetables, they will be picked at their peak. Use the Tasmanian seasonal produce guide to find local producers near you.

For more information on what’s in season and to find some tasty summer recipes, head to the Eat Well Tasmania website