Emergency Contacts

Children's health services (paediatrics)

This website contains general health information and does not replace the advice of a health professional. Always contact 000 in an emergency.

Our approach

It is important that children and young people are aware and actively involved in their health journey. These pages aim to support children, young people and their caregivers to access reliable information about their health.

While your general practitioner (GP) and local primary healthcare team are your first contacts for medical care, this website has information about public services for more specialised health needs.

Child and family-centred care

Our child and family-centred approach means that you (the child, young person, family member or caregiver) are the focus of our care. As health professionals, we aim to work with you to improve your health and wellbeing. It is important to us that you feel valued, respected, and involved in decisions about your health.

Shared responsibility (supported self-management)

Shared responsibility means the child or young person, caregivers and health professionals working together to manage chronic conditions. Learn more about supported self-management on the Primary Health Tasmania website.

Interdisciplinary approach

An interdisciplinary approach means you, your family or caregivers and your healthcare team working together to help improve your health or care for your condition.

For example, if you need help managing your condition at school, you, your paediatrician, specialist and nurse may all work together to make a care plan and provide information for your teachers.