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  • Food Jags Explained 26 Oct 2020

    ‘My son has wanted to eat a particular brand of yoghurt every day since I can remember, and now he’s totally gone off it. What’s that about?’ The term for this is "food jag" and it's common in young children. It is tricky to navigate, read about tips that may help

  • Five Questions Five Days 22 Oct 2020

    We know parents want to give their child the best start around food and nutrition. One of the best ways to do this is to know what your job is in feeding. We encourage a way of feeding where parents decide what food to offer, when and where. Children decide whether to eat it and how much. It sounds simple, but in real life it can get a little tricky. That’s where a few tips come in handy to help you through. Read more about around feeding children and your job in feeding

  • How Much is Enough 13 Oct 2020

    When given the chance, children are actually very good at eating when they’re hungry and stopping when they’re full. In fact, they’re often much better than adults. What can make it confusing is they don’t always eat in a way that looks consistent. Some days they might eat a lot and other days not so much. While this is normal it this doesn't stop those unwelcome comments about how your child eats. Read more about how to stop the worry and find the joy in eating

  • The Breakfast and Daycare Dilemma 13 Oct 2020

    Some mornings it can be hard for children to eat breakfast before you have to be out the door, especially if you have an early start. You may not be able to get your child up any earlier than you already do and that’s OK. But it doesn't mean they have to miss breakfast altogether. Read more about how to solve the breakfast and getting to daycare on time dilemma

  • Will Food Games Help my Child Eat 29 Sep 2020

    As parents we can worry about what and how much our child is eating. It’s often out of concern we look for ways to help our child eat. But playing games like these can interfere with parent and child feeding jobs. Playing feeding games with your baby along with plating food into faces, cutting sandwiches into shapes or having a race to see who finishes first, can seem like fun and harmless ways to encourage your child to eat. Read about why they are short-term fixes to feeding issues

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