Young People


Community Youth Justice Supervision Practice Model

2011 Community Services Excellence Awards

Northern Communities Benefiting from Young People's Service

Young People

Community Youth Justice

Community Youth Justice Teams are based in the North, North West and South of the state.

Teams help find ways to reduce young people's offending behaviour.

We help young people to stay out of the criminal justice system through a restorative justice approach, including services such as community conferences.

However, if offending persists, a youth may get a court order supervised by a youth justice worker.

Healthy Young People

Healthy Young People (HYP) is a free resource promoting positive body image, adequate sleep, healthy eating, water consumption, physical activity and reduced sedentary time.

Youth at Risk

Youth at Risk develops a strategic focus to the needs of adolescents across the Disability, Youth, Child and Family Services service systems.

Ongoing liaison with other government and community-based partners ensures that services for young people are most effectively targeted and available to young Tasmanians (10-9) who need them.

Youth Justice Services

Youth Justice Services is responsible for diversion and rehabilitation programs for young people under supervision in the community and in the Ashley Youth Detention Centre.

The focus is on working together with the community, other service delivery agencies and the young people themselves.

Youth Justice also manages the delivery of restorative justice services to the victims and perpetrators of youth crime aged 10-17 years.

Community-based services such as community conferencing, community service orders and supervision support are also provided around the state.