THS Gifts, Benefits and Hospitality Register 1 July 2016 to 31 December 2016

Tasmanian Health Service

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Date of OfferDescription of OfferReason Offer AcceptedPerson/Organisation Making OfferActual Value of Gift ($)Estimated Value of Gift ($)
 Airfares and accommodation to attend forum 3M$892.00 
 Airfares and accommodation to attend conference/nurse education meeting in Sydney NOVARTIS$2,000.00 
 ABBVIE nurses education for 2 days for nurses caring for patients within IBD AbbVie Pty Ltd$1,338.70 
 Airfares and accommodation to RPA Workshop Cook Medical$750.00 
 Coloplast - Ostomy applicance company   $200.00
 Dinner from drug company   $100.00
 Gift voucher  $300.00 
 Thank you  $100.00 
 Conference registration   $500.00
 Meeting in Sydney - airfares and accommodation   $700.00
 Sponsorship and flights Endocrine meeting   $700.00
 Invitation to attend Oncology   $700.00
 2 dozen bottles of wine   $300.00
 Gift voucher for Hallams Waterfront Restaurant  $150.00 
 Travel to meeting  $12,298.00 
 Myer gift voucher  $100.00 
 Transport and accommodation to meeting Roche$900.00 
12/09/2016Meal or cake/coffee Patient$182.50 
21/10/2016Assistance towards attendance at Australian Neonatal Dieticians NetworkNetworking and educational purposesNestle Nutrition Institute $1,000.00
04/10/2016Flights and accommodation for Directors of Pharmacy National ForumEducationalRoche Int $760.00
13/12/2016Cost of staff attendance at the Holman Clinic Christmas party (25 staff)Builds goodwill/a positive community relationshipPatient $500.00