Physiotherapy in Your Community - North

Physiotherapy in Your Community - North

Community Physiotherapy aims to optimise physical function and enhance independence and quality of life for eligible people within the community.

The physiotherapist will assess a person’s condition and develop an appropriate treatment plan together with their client. This may include:

  • provision of education/advice on your condition and recommended management strategies
  • prescription of home exercise program
  • individual recommendations and setup of aids for walking
  • referral to other health care professionals or community exercise groups.

Our service places a strong focus on health promotion and active self-management.

Working in collaboration with other health professionals, Physiotherapists are also actively involved in chronic disease prevention, physical activity and health promotion activities in various healthcare and community settings.

What services are provided?

Our service provides:

  • individual assessment and treatment
  • group exercise programs (please contact your local service to find out what groups are currently being run).

A wide range of conditions are treated by Community Physiotherapists - for example:

  • chronic long term health conditions such as arthritis
  • joint, bone and muscle problems
  • mobility problems
  • falls/balance problems
  • persistent pain.


Physiotherapists in local Community Health Centres may provide:

  • falls and balance classes
  • aquatic physiotherapy classes
  • persistent pain management group
  • post hip/knee arthroplasty group
  • osteoarthritis group.

All clients will need to be assessed by a Community Physiotherapist prior to group attendance.

Who is Eligible?

We provide physiotherapy services to clients of all ages, including limited services to paediatric clients (younger than 18 years of age).

We do not provide a service to:

  • clients who are covered by current compensation claims such as MAIB, WorkCover or Department of Veterans Affairs
  • residents of privately managed residential aged care facilities
  • members of the public exercising private health insurance options
  • clients on Level 3 and 4 Home Care Packages
  • clients on NDIS
  • clients referred under GP Chronic Disease Management /Enhanced Primary Care Plan).

Where no private provider is available, exception may apply for clients on home care packages and compensable clients only if it is deemed that there is no advantage is placed on those waiting for public physiotherapy services.

How to access the service?

General practitioners and other health professionals can refer to community physiotherapy services by completing a referral letter, filling out the Community Physiotherapy Referral Form, Allied Health Referral Form or the Physiotherapy Services Referral Form. Referrals are accepted in person, by mail or fax at local community physiotherapy sites.

Self-referrals will only be accepted for Health Promotion Programs – this includes Falls and Balance and some Hydrotherapy classes. Individuals may still be required to obtain a referral if more information is required regarding medical history or exercise safety before participating in a program.

Where are services provided?

  • Outpatient Treatment in local Community Health Centres
  • In-Patient Treatment in rural hospital beds
  • Home Visits (very limited and only where no alternative exists).


Equipment may be recommended as part of your treatment program.

Any loan or purchase costs will be discussed.

In-Patient Treatment

Inpatients in rural hospitals are seen by the physiotherapist from the local Community Health Centre.

Your local community physiotherapists are located at:

Beaconsfield District Health Service (03) 6702 6060(03) 6383 1633
Campbell Town Health and Community Service (03) 6774 8000(03) 6381 1596
Deloraine Hospital (03) 6701 2111(03) 6362 3012
George Town Hospital (03) 6702 6020(03) 6777 5126
Launceston Community Health – Kings Meadows (03) 6777 1427(03) 6777 5258
Longford Community Health Centre (03) 6391 4222(03) 6391 4244
Launceston Community Health – Ravenswood (03) 6777 3006(03) 6777 5250
Scottsdale Hospital (03) 6778 8522(03) 6778 8997
St Helens Hospital(03) 6387 5570(03)6387 5993
St Marys Community Health Centre(03) 6387 5555(03) 6372 2559