Lifelink Samaritans Tasmania Inc

Lifelink Samaritans Tasmania Inc

Lifelink Samaritans relies heavily on community support of its fundraising activities to maintain a vital crisis helpline, day and night. Receiving modest government assistance, it also welcomes donations, which if over $2 are tax-deductible.

Lifelink Samaritans focuses on listening and caring, empowering and valuing callers who are troubled in life, experiencing loneliness, distress or suicidal thoughts. We encourage return calls for reinforcement, or to celebrate personal growth and improved wellbeing.

Entirely volunteer run the Organisation has no affiliation with any religious group.

Lifelink Samaritans Tasmania offers our community:

  • An empathic, confidential and non-judgmental listening service by phone state-wide
  • Intensive pre-phone and on the job (mentored) training in an array of people, communication and phone skills valuable within and outside our Call Centre
  • To work with other bodies, building community resilience & recovery from loss to suicide

How to contact us or make a booking

Found in Launceston in 1968, the organisation has successfully spanned generations, now accepting calls from every corner of Tasmania, as well as some from mainland Australia.

For more information, please contact:

The President
Lifelink Samanitans Tasmania Inc
PO Box 228
Launceston TAS 7250
Ph: (03) 6331 3355

1300 364 566 (Statewide)

Service Eligibility

Asking for help is a sign of courage - this first call could be your bravest.

Cost Information

We listen for free.
Speak freely. (1300 number minimises costs outside Launceston area.)

Twice yearly training courses carry an application for of $100.

More Information

Our befrienders are life-experienced. Calling one gives you time to reflect and re-order your priorities.

Voicing your grief, confusion, or any number of human emotions is well known to release tension, opening the mind to options and possibilities unseen when alone in your worry.

Safely share your burden, doubt or insecurity without draining or alienating friends or family.

Our website is under re-construction, and will be updated here when operational.