C U @ Home

C U @ Home

C U @ Home is a program offered by the Child Health and Parenting Service for young first-time parents 15-19 years of age. If the young woman accepts the offer, nurses commence home visiting in the antenatal period with visits at regular intervals until the child's second birthday. The program will ensure children born to young parents have equal opportunity for optimal development to become creative, competent, caring and resilient young people and adults.


  • To promote understanding of pregnancy and the relationship with the newborn.
  • To promote parents'/caregivers getting to know and understand their infant.
  • To support and enable caregivers with general issues and needs.
  • To support parents as the infant gets mobile.


  • Improve birth weight, and reduce the incidence of pre-maturity and adverse neurological outcomes by helping young women improve their antenatal health.
  • Improve children's health and development, by assisting young parents.
  • Enhance parental lifestyle (which in turn, influences the child's health and wellbeing outcomes) supporting young mums to set educational and/or employment goals.

Entry Criteria

  • Voluntary
  • Age 15-19
  • First baby, 28-32 wks pregnant
  • Young parent is facing life challenges including:
      • Relationships with little support
      • Financial difficulties
      • Isolation from peers
      • Mental health problems


  • Once a referral is made there is a process to determine the young parent’s suitability for the program and her willingness to participate.

How to contact us or make a booking

For all enquiries or to make changes to booked appointments call the CHaPS on 1300 064 544.

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