Visitor Information

Royal Hobart Hospital

Visitor Information

Hospitals closed to visitors

All hospitals in Tasmania have been closed to visitors.

There will be exemptions for:

  • A person providing support to a patient for the birth of a child
  • A parent or guardian visiting a dependent child or adult who is a patient
  • A Guardian of a patient
  • Visitors of patients receiving end of life care
  • A person to provide assistance to a patient, if the patient requires physical assistance, assistance with communication or comprehension or assistance with any legal or administrative requirements

Even if visitors meet the criteria for an exemption, they still need to be considered well to be permitted to visit and should not visit if they have a cough, sore throat, fever or other symptoms of acute respiratory infection. In addition, visitors must not have been a recent close contact of someone with COVID-19, or someone who is suspected of having COVID-19, or anyone who has returned from interstate or overseas in the last 14 days.

The following information applies to the Royal Hobart Hospital (RHH). Other THS-South sites including community health centres and district hospitals, will have separate policies on visiting times and facilities available for family members. Search this website using the name of the facility/centre.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Services

The RHH employs an Aboriginal Health Liaison Officer to help Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people access and fully benefit from care and treatment. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples are encouraged to identify as this information helps provide improved health care services to meet their needs. The AHLO provides emotional support, practical help and cultural understanding, to obtain the services required, and will also work with other staff to better meet patient needs. The Aboriginal Health Liaison service is confidential and available to both patient and their families. The Aboriginal Health Liaison Officer is available Monday to Friday on 6166 8264 or 0409 523 131.

Alcohol and Drugs

Alcohol or drugs are not permitted in the RHH and must not be given to any patients.

Automated Teller Machine (ATM)

An ATM is located on the Ground floor of the Liverpool Street entrance foyer, beside the Central Auxiliary Kiosk and Coffee Shop. Commonwealth and ANZ ATMs are next to the Elizabeth Street Mall - a short walk from the RHH.


The Central Auxiliary Kiosk & Coffee Shop is located on the ground floor near the Liverpool Street entrance. Hot food, sandwiches, fruit, cakes and hot and cold drinks along with gifts, flowers and balloons are available for purchase. All profits from the Central Auxiliary Kiosk & Coffee Shop are directed to buy special equipment for the RHH. The Central Auxiliary Kiosk & Coffee Shop operates a trolley service to the wards (Monday to Friday). Newspapers, magazines, fruit, drinks and personal items are available for purchase.

  • Hours of opening: Monday - Friday: 8:45am to 8:00pm
  • Saturday, Sunday and public holidays: 11:00am to 7.30pm

Chaplaincy Service

The Chaplaincy Service provides spiritual and emotional support to patients and those who care for them. Religious faith representatives and clergy of all denominations may be contacted through the Chaplaincy Service or nurse who will arrange a visit at your request. Chaplains are available 24 hours a day and can be contacted on 6166 8111. Denominational chaplains visit patients in their ward or unit. Inter-denominational chaplains are assigned to particular wards/units and visit patients as and when appropriate. Services are held in the chapel (First Floor, C Block) each Sunday at 11am. Catholic Mass is held during the week and notification will be made over the public address system.


Children are welcome to visit patients except those suffering from infectious diseases. If in doubt, please discuss with the ward staff. Most small children miss their families so we encourage immediate family to spend as much time as possible with their child. You can play a positive role during your child's stay in hospital by assisting the hospital team with various routines and by just being with your child. Certain restrictions may be necessary so that the nurse can effectively carry out the child's prescribed treatment. Your cooperation is appreciated in these circumstances.

Compliments and Complaints

The RHH encourages feedback on services and care provided to patients. You may express your opinion by making suggestions, thanking or acknowledging good service provided by the staff, or you may wish to make a complaint. This can be done by writing a letter to the RHH, completing a feedback form which are available on all wards. Alternatively, you may also discuss any concerns with staff or with a representative from the Consumer Liaison Unit on 1800 811 911. All complaints are taken very seriously with a full investigation taking place. If you are unhappy with the outcome of your complaint you may wish to contact the Health Complaints Commission on 1800 001 170.

Discharge Procedures

When you are discharged, you will be provided with a supply of medications and patients are required to see their General Practitioner for ongoing prescriptions. Wherever possible the doctor will give you 24 hours notice prior to your discharge. Please ensure that you have transport arranged and you are out of bed in time to leave your ward by 10am on the day you are to leave the RHH. Arrangements can be made for your relative/friend/carer to collect you should you require this to be done. Please ask the staff to assist you if required. Any special arrangements for your continued care will have been made by RHH staff, such as appointments for you to return to see a doctor as an out-patient. If you have any belongings/valuables that you need to retrieve before you are discharged, please make these arrangements with the nurse caring for you prior to discharge.

Donations, Gifts & Bequests

The RHH appreciates the generosity and support it receives from the community, small business, large corporations and the Tasmanian public. Each year the RHH is well supported by a network of benefactors who raise funds to purchase medical equipment. If you would like to enquire about making a donation, gift or a bequest please contact the Community Relations Unit on 6166 8846.

Emergency Procedures/Fire Alarms

In a personal emergency you can summon assistance by pressing the "Nurse Call' button. In the unlikely event of a general emergency, remain calm and await instructions from staff. Please do not leave the ward/unit unless you are instructed to do so by staff. Regular fire alarm and fire door checks take place. Prior to any checks commence a general announcement will be made over the hospital public address system.


Phone calls from people inquiring about a patient's condition will be put through to the wards between 9 am and 5 pm. Due to reduced staffing outside of normal business hours family and friends are encouraged to minimise non-urgent telephone calls to the hospital during these times.

For patient enquiries contact our main switchboard on 6166 8308. To assist staff in managing the number of telephone calls it is preferable that one relative be nominated as the information provider for your family, relatives and/or friends. Further information may be given personally to patient's next-of-kin, but details of your illness are confidential and will not be given without consent.

Interpreter Service

If English is not your first language, arrangements can be made for an interpreter if required. Please consult nursing staff on the ward to make these arrangements. Alternatively, contact the RHH Migrant Liaison Officer on telephone 6166 8126.

Internet Access

There is no internet access available within the RHH, however, there are internet cafes in the Elizabeth Street Mall and in Liverpool Street.



Royal Hobart Hospital, Wellington Outpatient Clinics and Telstra

Short-term pick-up and drop-off

Short term 10 minute parking for people with disabilities is available at the Argyle and Campbell Street Royal Hobart Hospital entrances.

Please note the Campbell Street entrance is closed 8.30 pm–6.00 am.

Drop-off points are also located in Argyle Street next to the Telstra building and outside Wellington Outpatient Clinics.

Hobart City Council parking officers patrol parking spaces and parking tickets will be issued for unauthorised parking. THS accepts no responsibility for payment of fines nor is THS able to waive fines.

Please see RHH Redevelopment website for more information.

Argyle Street Car Park

Operated by the Hobart City Council, the car park is open Monday to Sunday 7.00 am – 10.00 pm. On Level 3 there is a drop-off zone that gives your access to Wellington Outpatient Clinics.

For updated information please refer to

Market Place Car Park

This car park is privately operated and is open 24 hours, seven days per week.

Street parking

Managed by the Hobart City Council, metered parking spaces are available in Campbell, Liverpool, Argyle and Collins Streets.

Short-term Patient Pick-up and Drop-off

Short term ten (10) minute parking for people with disabilities, and/or for patient drop off/pick up is available at the Liverpool, Argyle and Campbell Street entrances. Please note, both the Argyle and Campbell Streets entrances are closed between the hours of 8.30pm to 6am.

Hobart City Council parking officers patrol RHH parking spaces and parking tickets will be issued for unauthorised parking. The RHH accepts no responsibility for payment of fines nor is the RHH able to waive fines. Council operated metered parking spaces are available in Campbell, Liverpool, Argyle and Collins Streets.

Public phones

Public telephones are available in the lift foyer on each floor and in the main Liverpool Street foyer.

Public Toilets

Public toilets are available on each floor of the RHH.


The RHH has been smoke free since the Public Health Amendment (Smoke Free Areas) Act came into effect on 1 September 2001. Tobacco use and smoking is prohibited on the RHH site (including entrances and hospital grounds). This ban also applies to the Acute Rehabilitation Unit and Peacock 3 at the old Repatriation complex in Davey Street and the Renal Unit at St John's Park in New Town. Our medical orderlies are authorised Tobacco Control officers and patients/visitors to the RHH site will be asked to cease smoking, or may receive an on-the-spot fine if they persist. Any breach of the Public Health Amendment (Smoke Free Areas) Act may result in prosecution in accordance with the Act. Quitline is a free, confidential telephone based support service designed to help smokers quit smoking. For the cost of a local call smokers can request a free information pack or receive advice about quitting from trained advisors – Contact the QUITLINE 137848.


Please do not bring valuables such as jewellery, large sums of money, electronic games or computer equipment with you as the RHH is unable to accept responsibility for any loss of items during your stay. If you would be upset at the loss, please don't bring the item into the RHH.