Pregnancy and Early Childhood Loss Memorial Service

Royal Hobart Hospital

Pregnancy and Early Childhood Loss Memorial Service

Tasmanian Health Service - South warmly invites you and your family to attend our upcoming Memorial Service to remember pregnancy and early childhood loss on Friday, 15 October 2021. This is an international day of memorial.

Due to the restrictions caused by the pandemic, we will be live-streaming the service.

Date:    Friday, 15 October 2021

Venue:  Live Stream | Join live event

Time:    11:00 am

The Memorial Service will include a selection of readings, music, prayer, poetry, candle lighting in memory of loved ones and a period of silence for personal reflection.

The service will be live-streamed via Microsoft Teams Live Event.

We look forward to sharing this time with you.

The Memorial Service Team


You may join via your computer or on a mobile device (phone/tablet).

Watching via PC

When you open the link your computer you will give you two options. We suggest you select the second option watch on the web instead and watch the service directly online.

Watching via a mobile device

You may need to download the teams app. It’s quite simple but do allow a couple of minutes for this. If you already have Teams installed – your device (or PC) will open Teams automatically.

Join Anonymously

When Teams opens you may be asked to sign in or join anonymously. We recommend that you join anonymously (unless you already have a Teams account). Select the join anonymously link (under the sign-in link) and it will open the live-stream.

Questions / Comments / Chat

During the Teams Live Event you will not be able to turn on your camera or your microphone. You can however write questions or comments in the Q&A or Chat section to the right of the viewing screen.

The service begins at 11:00 am

The service will begin at 11:00 am but the event will be open for online attendees from 10:50 am. Information slides will be screened prior to the service commencing.

Testing your connection

It would be worth testing the link below ahead of time (even the day before) to see how it works and how to connect if you’re not familiar with using Teams.


The service will be recorded and available after the event. Please call 6166 8308 and ask for community relations if you would like a copy to be sent to you on a USB.


You may like to have a candle of your own ready to light at the appropriate time during the service. Please make sure it is in a safe space.


You may also like to have someone with you for support. If you need some further emotional support or assistance you could call:

Helpful hints for viewing the service online

  • You may like to select a quiet space where you can watch the service in peace and have time to remember your loved one.
  • You may also like to have a candle ready (in a safe space) so that you can light a candle during the service.
  • Limit other distractions – it will be easier to focus if you turn off computer notifications, closing other apps / programs and muting phones.

In the event of a technical issue

We’re working hard to minimise any technical issues on the day, but things can go wrong. If something happens please try to reconnect in through this link

Unfortunately, we are not be able to correct issues related to your connection.

Remember the service will be recorded, so we can send you a copy of the service after the event if you do experience any technical issues on the day.