Clinical Nurse Consultants

Royal Hobart Hospital

Clinical Nurse Consultants

Clinical Nurse Consultants (CNC)

It is important that people diagnosed with cancer receive timely access to relevant treatment, information and support services to help co-ordinate their care. The role of the Cancer Care Coordinator at the RHH is to provide support, advice and information to patients with cancer.

What do we do?

  • Act as a link between patient and the team caring for them throughout their diagnosis of cancer and treatment.
  • Support patient and their family during their cancer management and treatment and refer  to appropriate health professionals to meet their needs.
  • Ensure that patient care and needs are communicated quickly to members of their cancer team, including their GP.
  • Provide patient with information and contacts to assist them meet their needs for treatment, symptom management, support services and health care services OR refer to the most appropriate person/service.

How to refer?

Referral can be via RHH Switchboard (03) 6166 8308, email, face to face, self-referral, or member of hospital team contacts coordinator.

CNC - Adolescent and Young Adult

The role of ‘Clinical Nurse Consultant - Adolescent and Young Adult (AYA) Cancer Care’ is designed to promote and facilitate holistic health care and support to people who have or have had cancer aged 15-25 and their loved ones.  The CNC AYA role is aimed at facilitating care coordination, patient advocacy, fertility preservation, prompt referral to and liaison with appropriate agencies, plus the provision of psychosocial, educational and vocational support.

CNC - Bone Marrow Transplant

The Tasmanian Statewide Bone Marrow Transplant (BMT) Service provides care for all Tasmanians who may require an autologous bone marrow transplant to treat  blood or another cancer. All patients receive their transplant at the Royal Hobart Hospital and north and north-west patients will be able to receive some aspects of their care in Launceston and Burnie. Patients are referred to the BMT Coordinator by their treating doctor.

The CNC coordinates and streamlines pre and post transplant care within Tasmania and facilitates clinic appointments with transplant physicians. Some Tasmanians need to travel interstate to receive complex allogeneic (donor) bone marrow transplants. The CNC responsible for conducting the donor search for these patients, coordinates the donation procedure, liaises with interstate hospitals, is a point of contact, and manages the transplant clinics

CNC - Colorectal Cancer

In partnership with members of the multidisciplinary team, provide a nurse consultancy and coordination service to facilitate the continuity and quality of care for patients undergoing investigation / treatment for colorectal cancer.

CNC - Gynaecologic Oncology

The CNC in conjunction with the Gynaecological Oncology team provides information, emotional and psychological support and education to patients and their families who may be affected by gynaecological cancer.  The CNC facilitates the co-ordination of patient care from diagnosis through the treatment phase and is continued on following discharge from hospital.  The role has a state wide focus and weekly clinics are held in both the north and the south of the state.

CNC - Haematology

The Haematology Cancer Care Co-ordinator works closely with the Haematology team to provide supportive care to people in Southern Tasmania living with a Heamatological malignancy.  This includes emotional and psychosocial support, education on diseases and treatments, planning of care/investigations and acts as a contact for patients and their families.

CNC - Lung Cancer

In partnership with members of the multidisciplinary team, provide a nurse consultancy and coordination service to facilitate the continuity and quality of care for patients  undergoing investigation / treatment for lung cancer.

CNC - Prostate/Head and Neck Cancer Care

The practice of the Prostate/ Head and Neck Cancer Clinical Nurse Consultant incorporates advanced knowledge and skills in supportive care, including providing specialised and tailored information and education, psychological support and clinical care.

It provides an expert client-centered consultancy service and case management approach to patients and their families affected with prostate / head and neck cancer.