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About the Cancer Support Centre

The objectives of the Cancer Support Centre are to provide people affected with cancer including the individual with the diagnosis, their family members, carers or significant support persons with:

  • a non-clinical place where people affected by cancer, can spend time, without an appointment
  • the opportunity for people to meet others informally, in a similar situation
  • access to appropriate, quality and relevant resources and information on cancer, cancer treatments, support and accredited complementary programs and therapies
  • access to individual support and organised support programs
  • access to information and wellbeing programs for example, yoga, relaxation, exercise, art, music or survivorship.

People affected with cancer are able to spend time at the Cancer Support Centre free of charge. Some programs may incur a small fee from time to time.

The Cancer Support Centre is a non-clinical place and provides resources, information and support to assist with a person’s understanding of the diagnosis, treatment options and the personal impacts. It does not provide medical advice or information or access to specific cancer programs to members of the general community.

The Cancer Support Centre is collaboratively managed by the Cancer Support Centre Advisory Committee with representation from the Tasmanian Health Service South and non-government service providers.

Requests to use the Cancer Support Centre by clinical staff for individual or group interventions are to be directed to the Advisory Committee for consideration.