Bedwetting (Nocturnal Enuresis) info for parents of children over 5 years

The Wetaway program offers assistance to children over 5 years who have never remained dry at night or for those who have been dry at night and have now developed bedwetting.

Bedwetting is a common experience amongst 5 to 15 year olds, with over 150,000 Australian children being affected.

How the Wetaway Program works

When you and your child are ready to be involved in the Wetaway Program an appointment will be arranged.  At this appointment information is gathered to assist in setting up an individual program for your child.  You will also be asked to arrange an examination for your child with you doctor/specialist.

If an alarm is required, this will help your child to recognise when their bladder is full and that they need to go to the toilet.  Success is more likely when the alarm is used for up ten weeks only.

You and your child will receive ongoing encouragement and support from the Wetaway Program.

How to contact us or make a booking

For all enquiries call CHaPS on 1300 064 544

Alternatively complete the

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