Royal Hobart Hospital Bicentennial Celebrations 1820 -2020

Caring with Compassion for 200 years

The Royal Hobart Hospital is Australia’s second oldest hospital and first began serving the Hobart community in 1804 and moved to its present site in 1820.

2020 marks the hospital’s 200th anniversary and in that time it has profoundly touched the lives of thousands of staff, past and present, and many generations of Tasmanians, especially in the south.

So, in 2020 we will take a few moments to celebrate this wonderful achievement.

We invite you to celebrate the Royal Hobart Hospital’s significant milestone with us.

Making history today

In the last 12 months, the Royal Hobart Hospital emergency department managed 63 691 presentations and managed 62 123 admitted patient separations (an episode of care for a patient within one hospital stay).

The Royal Hobart Hospital employs more than 4 300 staff across the many roles it takes to provide the numerous healthcare services delivered in a modern, major hospital.

Our volunteer service consists of more than 100 wonderful volunteers who provide over 32 individual services to support consumers and staff.

The Royal Hobart Hospital is completing stage one of a major redevelopment to expand the hospital and improve healthcare delivery for patients as well as conditions for visitors and staff.