Do not consume water notices

Do not consume water notices

The Tasmanian Water Corporation (TasWater) regularly monitors drinking water supply systems.

The following drinking water supply system is unable to be adequately treated to ensure no risk to public health:

  • There are currently no TasWater drinking water supplies operating on a do not consume alert.
  • Nine Mile Aquifer at Dolphin Sands as issued by Glamorgan Spring Bay Council owing to elevated levels of arsenic.

These supply systems exhibit persistent elevated levels of heavy metals and should not be consumed. Please adhere to the following advice:

  • do not drink your tap water or use it for cooking
  • boiling the water does not make it safe to drink
  • water is safe for showering, washing clothes, toilets and gardening
  • TasWater provides an alternative supply of clean drinking water in each of these supply systems. For information on its location contact TasWater on 13 69 92.

The Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment Chief Veterinary Officer has advised the risk to animals from drinking water in these towns is low. However, if you remain concerned you should contact your vet.

For information about the health risks of drinking contaminated water call Public Health Services on
1800 671 738.

TasWater will keep customers fully informed through community meetings or direct mail of:

  • investigations confirming the source of contamination
  • steps to provide safe drinking water or an alternative supply
  • longer term infrastructure upgrade options to secure a safe water supply.

Call TasWater on 13 69 92 for information about your drinking water.

October 2020