Update to Antenatal Classes at the RHH

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Update to Antenatal Classes at the RHH

Women’s Health Clinic would like to advise pregnant women (and their family support) receiving pregnancy care in the South area (Royal Hobart Hospital) of recent changes to our antenatal education.

Pregnant woman (plus one) can now book to attend face to face group antenatal classes and K Block Maternity Unit group Tours.

Please consult with your midwife or doctor at your next antenatal appointment.

Once you have decided which antenatal class or maternity tour date suits, please book at reception when booking your next antenatal appointment. If unsure please ask our lovely reception staff what times and days are available. Classes and Tours can be booked by phoning Women’s Health Clinic 6166 0000 during business hours Monday to Friday.

Breastfeeding classes are also available (limited number of classes). Please book at reception desk or by phone Women’s Health Clinic 6166 0000 during business hours, Monday to Friday.

Please remember  to be aware of Covid -19  safety so we can maintain social distancing.

Hand sanitizer will be available outside and inside the education room for antenatal group classes.

Please bring your own food and drink to antenatal and Breastfeeding classes.

Allow time for Covid- 19 screening questions, this can be done via a phone app.

Please be aware breastfeeding classes, antenatal classes and maternity tours  availability is  subject to change based on incoming information regarding Covid.