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If your baby stops moving or there is an obvious reduction or change in your baby’s movements at any time in your  pregnancy. Please refer to or

  • If your baby stops moving or there is an obvious change in your baby's pattern of movements
  • Trauma to abdomen,  assault, serious fall, or car accident
  • Sharp pains in your abdomen  with or without bleeding
  • Vaginal bleeding at any time
  • Recurring and persistent headaches;
  • Persistent itchy skin, especially of hands and feet
  • Sudden onset of swelling to face, hands or feet
  • Blurred vision or spots before your eyes
  • Pain or burning when you pass urine
  • Labour has started and you feel it may be time to come to hospital
  • You are at home labouring and require advice or reassurance from a Midwife
  • If you are less than 36 weeks and are experiencing contractions or leaking amniotic fluid (from around the baby)
  • Rupture of membranes (leaking fluid from around the baby) and you are concerned about the colour/odour, or labour does not commence
  • You have been told your baby is NOT head down and start to labour or rupture your membranes
  • Booked for a caesarean birth and labour starts
  • If you identify any other pregnancy related concerns that you need advice for prior to your next antenatal appointment

If intrastate and urgent assistance or advise is required please contact:

Launceston General Hospital (03) 6777 8951
Mersey Community Hospital (Latrobe/Devonport) 1800 940 766
North West Regional Hospital (Burnie) 1800 940 747
Royal Hobart Hospital (03) 6166 8352
Ambulance Tasmania 000