Health Workforce 2040

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Health Workforce 2040

Health Workforce 2040 is a long-term strategy to shape a health workforce that meets the needs of Tasmanians now and into the future. It aims to improve our workforce through strategies to develop staff, recruit efficiently and build a positive workplace environment.

With an ageing population creating a demand for health services well above population growth and the cost of providing health services rising year on year above the rate of inflation, planning needs to start now to build a sustainable and affordable health workforce by 2040. Our experiences with COVID-19 have demonstrated the importance of having a flexible workforce that can respond to changing environments and health care demands.

Health Workforce 2040 is made up of four volumes, and can be accessed here:


The strategy has been developed following extensive consultation with health professionals, their representative bodies, education providers and consumers. More than 120 responses were received and considered following the release of the draft strategy in late 2020, we are sincerely grateful to all those who shared their time and expertise.

Focus areas

To tackle the long-term challenges of building a sustainable health workforce for all Tasmanians, Health Workforce 2040 has six focus areas:

  1. Shaping the health workforce
  2. Education and training
  3. Fostering innovation
  4. Enhancing culture and wellbeing
  5. Recruitment and effective working arrangements
  6. Planning.

Building a health professional workforce of the right size and shape that is delivering effective and efficient health care services is a cornerstone not only for the sustainability of the health services in Tasmania, but for the broader financial sustainability of Tasmania.

Next steps

The implementation and monitoring of Health Workforce 2040 will be undertaken by the Department of Health.

For any questions regarding the strategy, please contact: