Healthy Smiles for Two

A program to improve patient care
and raise awareness of good oral health in pregnancy

Keeping teeth and gums healthy during and after pregnancy is important for the health of a woman and her unborn baby.

A baby will have less chance of developing tooth decay if the mouth of the mother is healthy during pregnancy. This is because once the baby is born; decay-producing bacteria can be passed from the mother to the baby.

  • Did you know that dental treatment during pregnancy is safe and strongly recommended?
  • The Healthy Smiles for Two – Maternity Services Program provides priority access to dental care for eligible pregnant women in Tasmania.

How does it work?

Eligible pregnant women can receive priority general dental treatment at Oral Health Services Tasmania without having to go on the waiting list.

When treatment is completed, Oral Health Services Tasmania will plan a 12-month follow-up appointment for the mother and her baby.

The first dental visit for a child is an important time for sharing information and working with mothers/carers to establish healthy habits for life.

Who is eligible?

Pregnant women who live in Tasmania are eligible for a priority appointment with Oral Health Services Tasmania if they:

  • Have a current Health Care Card or Pensioner Concession Card; OR
  • Are under 18 years of age.

Pregnant adult women who do not have a concession card are encouraged to visit a private dentist for treatment.


  • There is a co-payment of $45 per appointment.
  • Women under the age of 18 will be bulk-billed through Medicare.

How can a pregnant woman be referred?

If a pregnant woman is eligible for the program, the midwife, GP or other health professional should offer a referral to receive priority dental care. Please find a copy of the referral form below.

Pregnant women can also self-refer by ringing 1300 011 013 and letting us know that they are pregnant.

On receipt of the referral

Oral Health Services Tasmania will contact the woman to schedule a priority appointment at their nearest OHST dental clinic.

Feedback is provided to the referring professional where relevant.

Who can refer?

  • All health professionals can refer.
  • Eligible pregnant women are also able to self-refer.



Please call 1300 011 013.