Dental Services for Children and Teens

Oral Health Services Tasmania welcomes babies, children and teens up until they turn 18 years of age.*

Children's services are offered in all of the major centres as well as urban and rural settings across the State, please complete the online Dental appointment request form or call 1300 011 013 and ask to be booked in at the clinic that best suits you.

  • Acknowledgement: This film was produced by the Clarence City Council to improve oral health outcomes for children and families in the local government area.  It was produced with support from Oral Health Service Tasmania and Oral Health Working group partners to promote oral health.

Most of the services provided will be bulk billed through Medicare; this will be deducted from your current Childs Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS) entitlement. Should you not be entitled to CDBS or use up all of your benefits no additional fees will be charged.

Who will do the treatment?

Dental Therapists and Oral Health Therapists provide most of the dental care in a friendly and caring environment.  Occasionally patients are referred to see a dentist, should this be required it will be discussed with you.

What services are available?

  • Dental examination/check up
  • Any necessary treatment that has been determined at the time of examination
  • Preventative treatment (fissure seals)
  • Dietary advice
  • Oral hygiene instruction
  • Mouthguards (for eligible children/teens)

How should you care or your teeth?

The children from Warrane Primary School have some important messages to share;

Clean your teeth;

What's good to eat for a healthy mouth?

Getting your teeth checked

What happens when you turn 18?

Should a child turn 18 years of age during their dental treatment, the outstanding treatment will be completed provided it is within an acceptable time frame.

Once 18 years of age, care can continue at one of our major centres if a current Health Care Card or Pensioner Concession Card is held.  See dental services for Adults for more information.

If you are no longer eligible to use the services of Oral Health Services Tasmania any further treatment requirements will need to be through a private dental provider.

*Excludes non-Medicare eligible children (including international students living in Tasmania) unless an emergency in a remote area where a private dentist is unavailable.