Coronavirus Cases at NWRH

3 April 2020
Prof. Tony Lawler, Chief Medical Officer

NWRH staff test positive for coronavirus

Two staff members of the North West Regional Hospital have tonight tested positive for coronavirus.

An investigation has begun immediately into identifying and contacting any person who has had close contact with either of these two staff, both inside and outside of the hospital.

The Tasmanian Health Service has moved immediately to establish an Incident Management Team, which will work to ascertain any people who may be at risk of being exposed to coronavirus at the hospital and ensure necessary actions are taken.

While it may be necessary for other staff and patients to be tested for coronavirus, this will occur as investigations progress. We will assess and test any patient or staff member who is determined to be at risk of coronavirus and ensure the highest standards of care continue to be provided at the hospital.

We acknowledge this situation may cause some concern. The safety of our patients and our dedicated staff remain our highest priority, and neither the hospital’s operations nor patient services have changed at this time.

Patients, staff and the public will be kept informed of the situation as the investigation progresses.