Low-cost surgical terminations available in Tasmania

Department of Health Secretary Kathrine Morgan-Wicks says it is extremely important that women stop getting misinformation from the media that low-cost surgical terminations are not available in Tasmania.

Surgical terminations are available and have been occurring since November last year. It is plainly wrong to suggest otherwise.

Women have no need to travel interstate – unless they choose to – if they decide to surgically terminate a pregnancy.

When a private specialist ended their low-cost termination service in Tasmania, the Department of Health began working to find a replacement provider. Negotiations were held with an interstate provider, Hampton Park, which was planning to provide terminations in Tasmania if it was able to source a suitable facility.

To date, Hampton Park has been unable to find such a facility, but the Department stands ready to work with them if they pursue this option.

In the meantime, local specialists commenced providing surgical terminations, and this has been occurring for the past 11 months.

It should be made clear that medical terminations are also an option for women choosing to terminate a pregnancy, and that surgery is no longer the only choice available. Those decisions should, of course, be discussed with medical professionals.

The very simple fact that seems to be overlooked in reportage of this issue is that surgical terminations are available and are occurring – it does not require Hampton Park or any other provider per se to commence service for this to continue.

Women wishing to access a surgical termination service should speak with their GP, or groups like Women’s Health Tasmania or Family Planning Tasmania, who play an important role in supporting women.