Incentives to help boost affordable housing stock

Minister's Media Release

What is the eligibility criteria for a property owner to list their property as part of this initiative and receive the payments?

Information on the eligibility will be provided in May as the program commences.

What classifies as an affordable rental?

Affordability is dependent on a household’s income.  This initiative is designed to target good quality properties within the lower price range of the private rental market.

How much would a renter be expecting to pay for a home through this initiative?

The tenant will pay the rental price agreed with the landlord.  There will be a cap on the rental price as this program targets properties in the lower price range.

The incentive amount depends on where the home is located. What is the regional breakdown of the incentives?

The incentives are $10,000 in the North and NW and $13,000 in the South. It is higher in the South as rent prices are higher there.

Additional/more information

  • A landowner or agent can provide their name, contact, and property details to Housing Tasmania by emailing Housing Tasmania at They will be contacted when the initiative starts in May.
  • For those seeking housing assistance – Suitable applicants will be contacted when the initiative starts. They do not need to register their interest.