Welcome to Statewide Mental Health Services

Statewide Mental Health Services is a key clinical service stream of the Tasmanian Health Service. Our services deliver consumer centred healthcare focused on improving the health outcomes of Tasmanians with complex needs.

We deliver healthcare across Tasmania in three core areas; Mental Health Services, Alcohol and Drug Services and Forensic Health Services.

The Mental Health, Alcohol and Drug Directorate was formed on 1 July 2013 as part of the national strategy for health reform. The Directorate provides a key role in implementing national and state strategic direction for the delivery of Statewide Mental Health Services.

  • Mental Health Services delivers care to Tasmanians with a severe mental illness through community teams and inpatient settings. Mental Health Services also work in partnership with the community sector to deliver a range of services for people experiencing mental ill health.
  • Alcohol and Drug Services provides treatment to individuals and their families for alcohol, tobacco and other drug issues. Our services also provide information, education and community-based supports. Tasmanian Alcohol and Drug Services fund a range of services delivered by community service organisations to provide comprehensive care across the state.
  • Forensic Health Services provides community and inpatient mental health assessment, treatment and case management for offenders (or people at risk of offending) who have a mental health issue or cognitive impairment. The Forensic Health Service also provides Correctional Primary Health Services to approximately 500 prisoners accommodated within the Tasmanian prison system.

Mental Health Helpline 1800 332 388

From interstate call (03) 6166 6333


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