Royal Hobart Hospital


Newspapers are available from the Central Auxiliary Kiosk & Coffee Shop (Liverpool Street Circle at the front of the hospital) or from the kiosk trolley, which visits wards each weekday (Monday to Friday).

Non-acute Inpatients

The RHH is an acute care hospital, providing treatment and care for patients who are sick or injured. Sometimes patients may remain at the RHH after they have moved from the acute phase of their illness or injury.

This is likely to be because they are unable to return home (for example they may have lost some independence) and there is difficulty finding alternative accommodation and care for them.

When patients are classified as non-acute, they are required to pay a daily hospital fee, as required under the Australian Healthcare Agreement.

This fee will contribute to the day-to-day expenses of being in hospital, including food, accommodation and therapy. Patients may be eligible to access Rental Assistance from Centrelink to help with this cost (please discuss this with your Social Worker – call (03) 6166 8354.

Patient Medical Records

You have the right to ask to see information about you created and retained by the Tasmanian Health Service, in accordance with the Right to Information Act 2009.

A fee may be incurred if you request a copy of your medical record.

Confidentiality of your records is required under the Personal Information Protection Act (PIP Act) 2004. Confidential information, including treatment details, will not be released without your consent unless required for the ongoing provision of approved clinical care or by law.

To access your medical record, you can call the Patient Release of Information Officer on (03) 6166 8898.

Private Patient Classification

– Medicare Eligible

If you choose to be admitted as a private patient, you will be treated by your nominated doctor, provided the doctor has a right to practice at the RHH and agrees to undertake your care. As a private patient you will be able to request a single room, if one is available. Single rooms are in limited supply and may not be available because other patients have a clinical need for a single room (for example, a patient who needs to be treated in isolation). You will also be eligible for free television rental.

As a private patient in a public hospital, you should have no out-of-pocket costs. However, all patients are responsible for the payment of any discharge medications. The RHH will accept your private health fund payment as full payment of hospital accommodation charges. Medicare will cover 75% of your doctor’s bill (specialist medical services fees, including medical tests) and your private health insurance fund will cover the other 25%. While you are an inpatient, diagnostic tests will be covered by Medicare and your health fund, along with surgically implanted prosthesis.

By using your private health insurance, the money received assists the hospital to buy additional equipment, maintain facilities and provide improved services to the Tasmanian community.

Patients who elect to be treated as private patients, but who do not have private health cover, will be responsible for accommodation fees and any prosthesis used (self-insured). As an inpatient, you may claim any diagnostic tests through Medicare, but you will be required to pay the balance as an uninsured patient.

Medicare Ineligible

Patients without a Medicare entitlement will generally be expected to pay for their treatment. Health fund or travel insurance details will be requested at the time of admission. If you have any concerns, please discuss with a RHH Social Worker.