Informed Consent

Royal Hobart Hospital

Informed Consent

Before any medical procedure is carried out, you will be asked to give your permission or consent. You will be given information about the procedure, its effects, likely success, risks, benefits and alternatives. This is called informed consent. If you do not understand any aspect of your treatment, ask questions until you are satisfied.

In most instances, medical treatment cannot be given unless you have given consent (although there are some circumstances where medical care can be given without consent, for example in an emergency).

In non-urgent situations where you are unable to make your own decisions, consent will, when practical, be sought from the person responsible for you (next of kin) or your enduring guardian.

While you are able to make your own decisions, you have a right to choose which of the treatments offered you wish to undergo. You can also change your mind and withdraw your consent at any time.

The RHH is a teaching hospital, working in close partnership with the University of Tasmania. Many students in the health care professions are taught within the hospital and interviewing and examining patients is an important part of their education and training. We ask for your co-operation and encourage you to participate in our teaching and research activities. Your consent is required before students can interview or examine you.

Identification of Patients

During your stay with us, it is important that you are correctly identified by hospital staff. Correct identification will make sure that you receive the treatment procedure, tests or medications which have been prescribed especially for you.

On admission, you will be issued with an identification band. You need to wear your identification band at all times during your hospital stay. Please check your personal information details and advise staff if any information is incorrect.

For your safety, staff will check your identification band to make sure that your first and last name and date of birth are the same as those on your medical charts when prescribing your treatment, procedure, test or medication. Please tell the doctor or nurse if your identification band comes off during your stay, or if the information on it is incorrect.

Identification of Staff

During your admission you will be cared for by a team of doctors, nurses and allied health professionals,  as well as clerical, catering and housekeeping staff.

All staff are required to wear an identity badge which displays their photograph, name and job title.

Interpreter Service

If English is not your first language, arrangements can be made for an interpreter if required.  Please consult  nursing  staff on the ward to make these arrangements.

Internet Access

There is no public internet access available within the RHH.

Interviews with the Doctor

You are encouraged to discuss your illness or any associated problems with your ward doctor.

With your permission your next-of- kin may also speak with your doctor. In both instances, it is best to give prior notice to enable the doctor to arrange a convenient time to meet. Alternatively ask your nurse to arrange a suitable time.