Community Care

Royal Hobart Hospital

Community Care

Should you require ongoing care after discharge, referrals are arranged through a central contact point for Community Health Nursing and other appropriate home care services (there is a small levy charged). For further information regarding the charges ask the nurse on the ward for a contact name and number for the service.

Services that can be provided in your home by community based providers include nursing care, personal care, domestic assistance and allied health professionals (eg physiotherapists and occupational therapists).


Please ask staff for a container which will be labelled for you.

Dentures can easily be lost if wrapped and left in your pocket or in the bedside cabinet.

Dining Room

Visitors may purchase meals in the hospital dining room between 7:00am and 7:00pm. The dining room is located on the ground floor D Block.

Discharge Procedures

Wherever possible the doctor will give you 24 hours notice prior to your discharge. Please ensure that you have transport arranged with a relative/friend/carer and you are out of bed in time to leave your ward by 10:00am on the day you are to leave the RHH.

Please ask the staff to assist you if required.

When you are discharged, you will receive up to one month’s supply of medication. This will give you time to visit your local doctor to arrange further prescriptions. There is a co-payment fee for medications dispensed by the Pharmacy Department for patients at discharge, payable within 30 days.

Any special arrangements for your continued care will have been made by RHH staff, such as appointments  for you to return to see a doctor as an outpatient. If you have any belongings/valuables that you need to retrieve before you are discharged, please make these arrangements with the nurse caring for you prior to discharge.