Coming to the RHH

Royal Hobart Hospital

Coming to the RHH

The RHH is committed to providing the highest standard of care and service to our patients. Your health is our priority.

This booklet provides important information to help and support you during your time at the hospital.

If your visit to the RHH requires an overnight stay, please bring:

  • all current medications including those purchased at a pharmacy, supermarket or health store
  • any relevant X-rays, scans, reports and referrals
  • full details of your:
    • health insurance cover
    • health insurance book or card
    • Medicare card
    • pension/concession card
    • DVA card (if eligible for Repatriation treatment)
    • Safety Net card
  • dressing gown
  • pyjamas or nightgown
  • slippers
  • soap
  • toothbrush, toothpaste
  • brush, comb
  • tissues
  • shaving equipment (if required).

You may also want to bring a small amount of coins for telephone calls and reading material.

Under the agreement on funding of public hospitals made between the Commonwealth and State Governments, you are required to choose whether you wish to be a public or private patient when admitted for care at the RHH.

As a public patient, you will be treated by doctors nominated by the RHH to provide your medical treatment, and you will not be charged for medical or hospital services. You cannot choose to be treated by a particular doctor and will not normally be provided with a bed in a single room.

Decisions regarding your treatment and health will be discussed with you so you may consent to or refuse treatment. If you refuse treatment or participation in tests, you will be given details of the likely or potential outcome of your refusal. If you refuse you cannot hold others responsible for the outcome. You may discharge yourself from the RHH at any time.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Services

Aboriginal Health Liaison Officer (AHLO) is available at RHH to provide emotional, social and cultural support to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander patients and their families to improve health care services and maintain positive relationships within the Aboriginal community, Aboriginal Organisations, other service providers and government departments.

AHLO can provide face-to-face contact with patients, social and emotional support, engagement and advocacy for patients and their family, assisting with discharge planning and accessing other services, assistance with enquiries for patients and families, and follow-up care with patients.

The AHLO can also support patients from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander backgrounds by being a link between the medical teams and the patient/families. They do so by providing education/information to the wider RHH staff to increase understanding and respect of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people so as to ensure a culturally appropriate experience whilst in hospital.

The Aboriginal Health Liaison service is confidential and available to both patients and their families. The AHLO is available Monday to Friday on 6166 8264 or 0409 523 131.

Alcohol and Recreational Drugs

Alcohol or recreational drugs are not permitted in the RHH and must not be given to any patients.