Patient Travel Assistance Scheme (PTAS) Review

The Patient Travel Assistance Scheme (PTAS) - ‘the Scheme’ provides travel and/ or accommodation assistance for eligible Tasmanians who are required to travel long distances to access specialist medical services and face substantial travel-related out of pocket costs as a result.

PTAS is funded by the Tasmanian Government and administered by the Department of Health. The purpose of the Scheme is to provide assistance to support equal access to specialist medical services. Funding for the Scheme is limited and as such, funds are targeted towards Tasmanians who are disadvantaged by distance and have the greatest need for financial assistance to subsidise travel-related costs.

Review of PTAS

The Department of Health is currently reviewing PTAS to identify opportunities to ensure the Scheme is clearly defined and targeted towards those who most need it, leading to enhanced client satisfaction.

We are seeking public submissions to inform the PTAS review. We are interested in your views on the Scheme and want to learn from the experiences of those who have accessed the Scheme for travel and accommodation assistance.

The review will also consider how PTAS is administered overall, including areas such as the application process, eligibility rules and payment processes.

We invite members of the public to take part in a short survey to help us inform the future of the Scheme.

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Response Form Submission Instructions

Submit responses online or post. If you require assistance in submitting your responses, please contact the Department of Health Project Support Officer on 03 6777 4129.

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Need help?

Contact the PTAS Review Project Support Officer on 03 6777 4129 who is available to assist by transcribing your feedback for submission Monday-Friday.

Closing Date:

The submission period is open for a period of four weeks. The closing date for submissions is 7 November 2021.