Nourishing drinks

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Nourishing drinks

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Nourishing drinks are those that are high in energy and protein.

Nourishing drinks can be useful if you have lost weight without trying, have a poor appetite or find it hard to eat enough. They can help build your strength back up and help you recover more quickly if you have been unwell.

Fortified milk

  • Fortified milk is milk that is made stronger by adding extra protein and minerals.
  • The cheapest way to fortify milk is to mix milk powder (also known as powdered milk). You can buy this in most supermarkets in the UHT milk aisle.
  • Use fortified milk in place of regular milk.
  • Try adding it to cereal, tea and coffee, milkshakes, soups, mashed potatoes, sauces and desserts.
  • It can be used hot or cold.
  • For even more energy and protein, you can use commercial energy powders such as Sustagen® or Ensure® in place of milk powder in recipes.

Fortified milk recipes

Fortified milk recipeIngredientsMethod
Makes 1 cup of fortified milkTwo tablespoons of milk powder
One cup of full cream milk
Whisk ingredients together.
Makes 1 litre of fortified milkOne cup of milk powder
One litre of full cream milk
Whisk ingredients together.

Nourishing recipes

Nourishing recipeIngredientsMethod
Chocolate milk
(serves one)
One cup of fortified milk
One tablespoon of chocolate powder or chocolate flavouring
Two scoops of ice cream (vanilla or chocolate).

Combine milk, chocolate powder/favouring and ice cream.
Blend or whisk together.
Serve chilled.

Fruit smoothie
(serves one) 
One cup of fortified milk
One ripe banana or one cup of tinned, frozen or fresh soft fruit
Half a cup of yoghurt or a scoop of ice cream
Add honey or sugar to taste

Blend ingredients together well.
Serve chilled.
Note: If you do not have a blender, try mashing the ingredients with a potato masher and combining with a whisk or fork.

High protein soup
(serves one) 
One cup of creamy homemade, canned or packet soup
Half a cup of fortified milk
Add extra cream or grated cheese to taste.
Blend or whisk ingredients together.
Serve hot.
Note: You can heat this in the microwave, or on the stove. 
Spider/Creaming soda
(serves one) 
Two scoops vanilla ice cream
150ml soft drink over
Scoop ice cream into a tall glass.
Pour soft drink over ice cream.
Serve immediately.
High protein custard
(serves two) 
One and a half cups of fortified milk
Half a cup of cream
Two tablespoons of custard powder
Two tablespoons of sugar.
Bring the fortified milk to the boil.
Mix the custard powder with a little water to make a smooth paste.
Slowly add paste to boiling milk stirring continuously until thick.
Stir in sugar and cream.
Remove from heat.
Serve warm or cold.

This general advice was accurate at the time of publication (June 2020). For more information about nutrition and your individual needs, see your GP or an Accredited Practising Dietitian.