Peter's Story

Peter's Story

“Hi I’m Peter, a 74 year old retired builder. I live alone, never married or had any children.  My main health issue is my eye sight. I’ve had macular degeneration for quite a few years, but it's recently got worse. I didn't been go to the check-ups as regularly as I should’ve. My optometrist said I don’t have enough vision to drive anymore.  It's totally changed my life!

My neighbour gets some things from the shop when I need it, but I don’t like to rely on them all the time. I can’t read the paper or fix things in the she like I use to.

I was volunteering as a handyman for a local community group. I don’t enjoy doing anything now, I’ve never been one for sitting around.

I get delivered meals everyday and someone comes to do my housework. I can still manage to bath and dress myself but I can’t see the dust!”

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