Frank's Story

Frank's Story


“Hi, my name is Frank. I’m 78 and a retired truck driver. I live with my wife Rosa and we have two sons and five grandchildren, they live about an hour away.

My health is not bad, not great. I have type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis in my knee, reflux and I’m a bit overweight according to my doctor.

I like to fix things in my workshop and I love spending time working in my garden.

I tripped and knocked my leg outside last week. I’m so annoyed at myself. I did more damage than I thought. Rosa put a bandage on it to stop the bleeding. After a couple of days the wound on my leg was still painful so Rosa took me to the doctor.

The doctor said Rosa did well bandaging it but I need a nurse to dress the wound each week until it has mended. He said this could take some time because my diabetes tests have been high.

The doctor asked me how I’m managing at home. I told him I’ve slowed down a bit. Now I’m worried I could trip again and hurt myself even more.

The doctor said he put a request in My Aged Care for a community nurse and a general assessment of how I’m managing at home. He said they can organise people to help with bigger maintenance jobs around the house and things like that.

The doctor said it may take some time before the community nurse can visit me so I need to go back to the clinic next week so he can check my wound. I’m due for a diabetes check too.”

Frank probably need's a bit more help

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