That’s a wrap! State HACC forum 2021

That’s a wrap! State HACC forum 2021

The CHSP Community Nutrition team were pleased to be engaging with the sector in person at the State HACC forum held in Launceston in March 2021. For those who were unable to join the practical workshop, the team of dietitians ran two cooking (and tasting) demonstrations. The recipes chosen were:

  • Budget friendly
  • High in protein
  • Easy to make.

These recipes are suitable for people with dementia. Eating with dementia can be a challenge as some people struggle to sit for extended periods of time or struggle to use cutlery. These recipes can be eaten as finger foods or eaten with modified cutlery.

If you enjoyed the recipes on the day and you’re interested in trying them for yourself, we have made these quick recipe videos.

If you’d like more information on nutrition for older people, have a look at the Appetite for Life resources. Among other topics, you’ll find a fact sheet on finger foods for those with dementia.