Staying heat safe this summer

Staying heat safe this summer

Warm weather can impact on everyone’s health, but especially on those aged over 65. Keep an eye out for extreme weather warnings. On hot days, try to remember to check on older friends, relatives and neighbours to ensure they are feeling well. Here are three simple tips on how to keep yourself and others safe in extremely hot weather:

1. Drink plenty of fluid

It is always important to stay hydrated and especially important when it is hot outside.

Water is a great option, but if you struggle to drink enough, try adding in milk, tea, coffee, juice, custard or jelly throughout the day. See our increasing your fluid intake factsheet in the Appetite for Life for more information.

If you are training staff or volunteers on what counts towards fluid intake, have a look at our fluids activity kit.

2. Keep as cool as possible

Stay indoors and if you have air conditioning, keep it set to cool and turned on. If air conditioning or a fan isn’t an option, open doors and windows when it is cooler outside (in the early morning or the evening) and if there’s no smoke outside. Keep blinds or curtains closed to help keep the house cool.

Dress in comfortable, lightweight clothing and footwear to allow air to circulate around the body.

Sleep with just a sheet, rather than blankets or a doona.

Avoid strenuous activity and keep pets indoors when possible – the heat isn’t good for them either!

3. Seek help when needed

If someone starts to feel unwell, call Healthdirect Australia on 1800 022 222 for advice. Call 000 immediately if someone becomes seriously unwell. Heat illness can be life threatening.

You can find more information by visiting the Tasmanian Department of Health’s advice for older people web page.