Seniors Week

Seniors Week

This week is Seniors Week, with this year’s theme focusing on ‘Connections’. Many older people are at risk of loneliness and isolation. Older people become less mobile, experience more health problems and face loved ones passing away. These changes can often affect physical and emotional health.

Seniors Week aims to improve connections for older people by connecting them with their local community and neighbourhoods.

Here are some ways that you can help older people stay connected:

  • Find public transport in their area or connect them to community transportation services to improve independence
  • Encourage older people to join physical activity groups, such as walking or gardening groups
  • Help identify health issues early such as hearing impairment, incontinence or vision problems and refer to appropriate services if needed
  • Pay attention to those living alone, as they are at greater risk of losing connections
  • Spend time asking about the food they eat, weight changes and whether they are comfortable preparing food for themselves. Connect them to meal services and social eating groups if they are lonely or have trouble cooking for themselves. If they have lost weight, connect them to a local GP and dietitian.

For local events and activities see COTA's Seniors Week Program

Check out Tasmania’s ‘Eating with Friends’ social eating program

For information on nutrition for people over 65 years, go to our Appetite for Life manual